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NAPA Society is an innovative, fresh and exciting social media and crypto based ecosystem that seeks to return control and the benefits of your social media conyent back to you. Millions of users post their daily lives and place this content on display for us all to enjoy. NAPA Society’s goal is to see that our users see a return on their involvement and be rewarded for their creativity. NAPA Society is to finally empower NAPA users to earn true value for sharing their media by allowing them to earn rewards in crypto based on their engagements.

NAPA users are then able to take those rewards and purchase actual NFT projects from the NAPA NFT marketplace. The NAPA NFT Marketplace will be like no other marketplace currently available. NFT Buying and Selling experience will offer data points and features that expand and address today’s issues within the NFT market.

By creating a social media art platform and NFT marketplace, we create a completely unique and inclusive crypto based ecosystem that consists of: The NAPA Trade Token, NAPA Social Media Platform, NAPA NFT Marketplace and a Robust AMM Protocol for the NAPA Trade Token.

The next step in our Social Media evolution is the integration of social media and crypto currency, within a centralized environment. NAPA Society represents freedom of expression and gives our users absolute control to TRADE and PROFIT from the content you value and love. Through our full ecosystem, NAPA Society will take social media a step closer to this next level and allow us all to benefit from the enjoyment of our ‘Social Art Without Limits’.





We are pleased to announce the NAPA token private sale! We will only be holding this single private sale round prior to our IEO public sale scheduled for August. This private sale will start on July 6th and our tokens will be sold on a first come first serve basis if you meet the following requirements.

NAPA will not be accepting offers to participate in our private sale from residents of the United States and residents from any government sanctioned by OFAC including Iran, Qatar, Morocco, China and Iraq.

All potential private sale participants must pass KYC and AML checks, and sign a private sale (SAFT) agreement.

Tokens purchased during this private sale will adhere to the NAPA vesting schedule that will commence at TGE (Token Generation Event), essentially TGE will be the first day of our public sale.

Private sale token price: is $0.02, payable in ETH or USDT
Private sale open date: July 6th
Private sale cap: 50M NAPA Tokens
Private sale wallet address: 0x070Db521598d51c0Ac1D0D85fdC93Ce1c89e5F4d
NAPA token contract address: 0x8EB2Df7137FB778a6387E84f17b80CC82cF9e884
NAPA Token on Etherscan

If you are interested in participating in the NAPA token private sale then please contact us and one of our associates will direct you to our KYC AML partner site Shufti Pro for identity verification and AML check.

Once KYC and AML checks are complete our legal team will reach out to you to confirm your purchase and present you with our (SAFT) private sale agreement.

When the NAPA private sale is complete, the NAPA token will be listed on several exchanges and our liquidity pool will be available on Uniswap. We will make an announcement of the exact date and exchanges we will be listed on in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you, and we appreciate your support!